SMS/Neograde 1/100 NZ-666 Kshatriya

Kshatriya is one of the more popular designs  from Gundam UC (see wikia for full description). It’s derived from the much bigger Queen Martha and is used by Maria since the opening episode. It looks very powerful and you’d have guessed it’s the boss mecha if you haven’t watched the show, but it quickly got overpowered by the NT-D Unicorn. 

The design looks very busy with the 4 “binders” containing a bunch of funnels and beam cannons. I’m pretty certain this is one of the kits Bandai will make an RE/100 or suprising MG annoucements eventually 🙂 

The kit was originally sculpted by Neograde, which you can tell from the super-deep panel lines, and later enhanced by SMS, which is the version I’ve got here. There are a few different resin Kshatriya renditions, with the pretty busy-looking Elyn version being the more extravagant of the lot. Since Kshatriya is such a busy design I think the version I have here has a certain appeal to it, bringing out the sleekness and musclar look of the original. I do however wish the binder’s exterior could be opened. And honestly the binder’s joints are pretty horrible and I had to rework them quite a bit to create some robustness. 

The kit is in theory posable, but it is so heavy that it can bearly stand balanced. To make sure it doesn’t fall and break I added an action base to secure it. One thing that the sculptors took liberty to is the design of the binders, where they hollowed out the Neo-zeon insigna so that you can see through into some mechanical details inside the binders. 

The kit came with some pretty sparse decals, and since I’m one of those decal freaks I added quite a bit of extra from my kit left overs as well as Hi-Q’s offerings. 

The fit of the kit was ok, with a bit of heating and bending the pieces fitted well. Pinning was definitely required in some areas because of the weight. 

The kit used a combination of resin and metal pieces of the chest and binder beam cannons, they are a pretty intricate 5-piece assembly. In addition and funnels are all metal, making them easy to create metal effects via a coat of metal primer and clear green.

I used a 2-tone green scheme on the armor to break the monotonicity. Didn’t do a whole lot of masking but instead relied on using enamel paint for the interleaving dark green so that I can wipe off the excess. In retrospect that really didn’t save much time or effort, so I probably won’t do that in the future. The chest and sleeves were easier to apply this with, you can paint the base color white, and then spray enamel back and wipe away the excess using mineral spirits. Because the insignas were raised relief, the results came out quite perfect. 

 So for a very streamlined rendition of Kshatriya without spending months to build and paint, I think this kit offers a really great balance. I love it. Definitely one of the kits I treasure a lot.Here is a comparison with the MG Unicorn.

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