I’ve been working on this Tsukasa Bullet Mizuki ninja girl. Originally I just wanted to make her armor detachable, but then I thought since she’ll have a completed bare back with her armor removed, it’ll be great to give her a full-back tattoo like the traditional Japanese warriors. I’ve been doing some research on tattoo decals, which are used by people to stick temprary tattoos on their skin for a couple of days. After Googling the web a bit I found and ordered some nice ones from (I’m not sure I wanna recommend them tho, somehow they managed to get the order very wrong…). It’s hard to find something that’s like the real traditional Japanese tattoo, which totally covers the back of the person plus shoulders; nevertheless I think just having something that almost cover her back would be quite exciting. (click on image to enlarge)

This cobra and rose tattoo I picked for her is perhaps not very oriental… ah not caring anymore, cool is all that counts πŸ™‚ The application is nothing like regular water decal. These things have two backings – one side has glue and the other one is attached to a sheet of paper, which will come off when you soak in water. You’re supposed to stick the glue side on the surface, and wet the other side so that the other backing will come off. But man this is hard for Mizuki’s curvvy back! The backing is qiute thick and so it doesn’t really bend. Also the glue is quite strong so there’s not much chance you can adjust it. So I put her and the decal in a bowl of water and tried my best to fit the decal on. Well it worked mostly, but some parts did tear and I had to do quite a bit of touch ups. When I took the pics, I had gave her a few coats of future to protect the decal, that’s why her back is so glossy πŸ™‚ I’ll be misting a thin layer of skintone later to blend the tattoo in better with the figure.

On to the rest of Mizuki. After thinking about it a bit, it seems copper is the best match for her armor in the original illustration, and the result looks quite nice, although the original material is probably leather. I’m also wondering whether I should put the petal tattoo in the originally character design on her face. From the buildups I’ve seen, it appears that the petal tattoo has the property of making her face look stretched from some angles; I’m not quite sure why…


  1. I vote “no” on the petals too. One thing that kinda stands out is how the rose on top of the tatoo gets cut off at her neck by the neck band thing. It might look more smooth if the top part of the rose was visible above the neck band? Just nitpicking as usual :mrgreen:

  2. Hey I like your nitpicks a lot :mrgreen:

    That’s a good call and I’ve extended the patterns this evening. I wasn’t too confident in freehanding the patterns but it didn’t turn out too bad. Now what to do about the base…

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