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gkjbanner.jpgGKJapan – (English) Fellow expert modeler Masa’s forum site, with a group of very talented individual participating. They now have a figure contest that offers great prizes, check it out!
kottakaizen – Jesse’s blog. His layouts are really good!
Art by Yasuro – (English) My friend Yasuro’s homepage featuring his very well-done portraits and other art works.
HobbyLink Japan
Located in Japan. Really popular online retailer for common GKs and plastic kits.
Dixie Art Supplies
They have very competitively priced art supplies – artist oils, airbrushes, airbrush supplies and compressors. Free shipping with order over $45. I often buy Iwata airbrush replacements from them.
Located in Japan. Rainbow 10 has a list of goods in stock so you know what\x{2019}s in stock and not. I buy a lot of supplies from them, including Mr. Color.
(Japanese) This shop stocks many different kinds of kits. His new kit info is very up-to-date.
Atelier iT
(Japanese w/ English) The wonder sculptor does very realistic Japanese female kits. He speaks some English and you can order kits from him directly.
Hobby Shop Corsair
(Japanese) This place sells a lot of different figure kits. His info about kits is also very up-to-date. The pages are updated daily. I don\x{2019}t think the owner speaks English though. But you can drool :)
Bear air
They specialize in Airbrush supplies and prices are almost the same as Dixie’s.
Has a lot of tools, including cool dremel items. Very reasonable shipping prices.


– (English) Katsuya Akimoto san\x{2019}s inspired work of modeling. He has some really well-done multimedia diorama works (love his craft in wide-sea diorama) on AFV and Scifi!

Hundingsbana – (Japanese) He has a really complete list of links to GK builders and makers in Japan, and is updated quite frequently
Eva Plus – (Japanese) This guy makes really beautiful GK, and his Making articles helped me a lot. He also has an English version of his page.
Homepage for a group of sculptors. Shinano san is one of the most unique sculptors in the hobby, he did the \x{201C}Waiting for You\x{201D} kit.

G-DOME – (Japanese) Sato Konchi san is the sculptor of the
Oni-coach series of kits, who have the cutest faces!

Neko\x{2019}s Playground
– (Japanese) Very inspired decal works on figures. He really made me feel any traditional one-color clothing piece is just not good enough. He\x{2019}s also very humble as well.
Exhibition plaza for Everyone – (Japanese) Satomi Design\x{2019}s bulletin board for everyone to display their work and criticize upon. You can sometimes see very unique figures, and done very nicely as well. I wish there were an English site like this – the atmosphere is very nice and civil, and the dialogues are always two-way.

Mokei Garou
– (Japanese) A really great modeler. He build many different kinds of mechs and has a handful of figures.

Mecha Mania
– Bad Andy\x{2019}s showcase of his mecha models.

Run Chickens
– (Japanese) Nice figure kits, but their irreverant sense of humor is incomparable. Their Multi/Kenshiro action figure has to be seen to be believed :)

Midnight Partners
– (English) J.Vella\x{2019}s CG and GK figures site. His skills is constantly improving!

FMH – Figure Modelers of Hawaii. Have lots of great kits from its members.
Nakedness Tribe – (Japanese) Razoku-san is master in converting figures into what his homepage\x{2019}s name suggests!

Dan Perez Studios
– (English) Great sculpting works and detailed tutorials on casting and sculpting!

Hidden home of Kitakitsune
– (Japanese) Built a lot of scantily clad anime kits. He always use the same mixture of skintone :)

Gaokun of flame – (Japanese) A very good GK builder in Japan. Have a huge collection of kits! Many one-of-a-kind, event-only build ups.
Gremlins in the Garage – (English) Great place to get started with the hobby as well as seeing US GK builders\x{2019} work.
Gundam Goods Catalog
– (Japanese) Tetsu-san\x{2019}s homepage with up-to-date information on Gundam merchandise, as well as his own customized MIA!
Heavy armor studio – (English) Hugh builds kits just like they appear on the box. His tutorial is adequate, but if you\x{2019}re a beginner beware of bizzare advice such as \x{201C}Tamiya paints are for beginners\x{201D}. Elandil\x{2019}s figure gallery – (English) A beginning figure modeler.


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