Wave 1/72 Macross Destroid Missle Phanlax

Who doesn’t love the Destroids. One of the standout “grunts” of Macross, I find the destroids a very practical design for a scifi show and the concept is still applicable today.

This Wave’s 1/72 rendition is a huge upgrade from the ancient Arii kits, with better proportion, details and articulation. The only downside is the price… they have been approaching the “ridiculous” territory. Part of the reason, if you wish to justify for the cost, is the fact that Wave is a small producer and their runs are very limited, plus the destroid is not the most well-known mechs out there. 

To be fair though, Wave did a bang up job on the destroids. They are very accurate in proportion. The main downside is that they aren’t the most pleasant kits to build because they have a number of pieces that require somewhat tricky seam handling, namely the ankles and lower calf. The latter is particularly nasty because of the complex curves. When finished though the kit is very nice.I did a bit of light weathering on them. Must-have for Macross fans and you really can’t procrastinate on buying them because they’re out of production for long periods of time.






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