Where’s Cody?

Sorry for the month-long absence – usually the months divisible by 3 are the busiest and that means very little modeling activities. I was on the verge of finishing the YF-19 when some decal disaster happened… too bad. But Macross Zero did its job in reigniting my love for the series… its aerial combats are very jaw-dropping… and its 3D models are better than Yukikaze’s (though I really like the story/mood/characters of the latter).


  1. aerial battles were terrific, story/plot wise was “eehhhhhh.. how does this really fit into the macross saga?” and i’m sorry, but the ending was a bit anti-climatic to me.

    so what happened with the decals?

  2. *spoilers*

    I was waiting for that “Shinn and Roy used their quick wits to down the SV-51s” but it never happened, which is too bad. But seeing Destroid Monster in action was climatic enough for me :mrgreen:

    Apparently the very strong Supersol didn’t take to the YF-19 decals very well, and orange-peeled them. Yuck.

  3. Anything for us to look forward to in the future? Also, did you ever finish the Cami figure – what did you decide for the dioramma?

    Looking forward to another model fix.:smile:

  4. I’m resuming work on Cammy… I’m not completely set on the diorama base yet but I’ll decide pretty soon.

  5. 😳 I’m slowly getting back into working on Cammy’s base now that I’ve decided what to do, but stopping for a month definitely infused some inertia…

  6. Maybe you should take a couple of sick days? 😀
    Looking forward to seeing some new stuff.

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