Da Coop started life as a surrogate link from my homepage in the University. About a year after I noticed all the Japanese GK sites has a front entrance page, so I started to put my kits up as the entrance page, and soon all the other contents on my site (mostly manga synopsis stuff) became secondary to the models ^_^

I don’t recall which kit was the first entrance page kit, but as far as I dig it seems the first Shiki that WooD did had the honor. It truly was a unique kit of a unique character, even to this day when I had the urge to hack all the kits I’m working on, I wouldn’t modify this great sculpt a bit.

I really like doing composite pictures of my kits. This picture of Shiki won the Rainbow 10 composite picture contest. Consolation price only though ^_^ Had I work on the lighting better, may be I would get a better placement. Anyway this picture becomes the entrance pic for 3 months starting from Jan 2000. Man, I had so much time and energy building kits back then…

I spent so much time working on the Led Mirage, that it has to be on the front page! The background was Gunnm’s Jasugun in fire 🙂 I was proud of this kit even though it wasn’t as stylish as the resin counterparts. It became my entrance guard from Apr to July 2000. At that time the entrance page was simpler and more complex at the same time 🙂 Lots of links and just a picture of the kit, unlike the image-mapped version I currently have.

When it comes to anime woman with attitude, Faye Valentine is probably the best representative! This very cool sculpt of her was the poster girl for the rest of 2000. She’s still the only anime girl that I didn’t put a highlight on the eyes; I thought it’d look more fierce that way. This kit is in a set with a very nice Spike, which to this day is still in the preparation stage 😀

It took me a long time to locate this Ibuki from SF3. It’s another very unique kit, and having a soft spot for female ninjas this kit was a must-have. If I were to do this kit today however, I’d fix a few things in her face, which is the only flaw in the kit. She’s the poster girl for the first half of 2001. On the right is the site’s main page with all the links and stuff. This site used to have a white motif, not my favorite though…

The second Shiki was still my favorite among all finished kits. The details, anatomy, pose and style all work in harmony; I couldn’t wait to put her up! I also started making more CGs and image-mapped entrance page. Wanted to get more Japanese visitors so I started putting up Japanese contents, hoping to learn the language as I move along; but putting up multilingual web pages is a hassle to both the web page editor and visitor’s browsers. IE wanted to install Japanese fonts all the time!

Around September 2001 I completed this Belldandy, and I really like the CG. Very tranquil yet dynamic. She was the front page gal for a very long time until May 2002. This is the period when I started to use pearl colors extensively on cloths and hair. Sometimes my pearled hair could be too shiny, but I think it’s only at some angles. That’s the thing with pearls, they create different luster for the kit from different angles. Usually when viewed from the front, the highlights look exactly like the way they appear in anime.

For a while I was in love with miniatures, in particular the ones from Gundam. Those sucky plastic they were molded in was a big reason why people threw them away, but they’re tolerable when I found the method to work on them. I thought this Ramba Ral/Crowley with Gouf in the backdrop was a very nice picture with good perspective, hence they guarded the entrance for a couple of months in 2002.

Working on the Hasegawa Valkyrie was an experience that changed my modeling perspective, in particular my fondness for details was developed during that time. I also became more open to other types of modeling, immediately bought a Hase Apache and Tamiya Yamato with all those etched sets and stuff. Unfortunately I don’t have time to start on them. The Valkyrie has so much details, that despite its 1/72 size, when magnified on my front page doesn’t look small at all.The Valkyrie also made me more ambitious on modeling and I completed my first major conversion of the Kirika. She took me a huge amount of time to finish, but I learnt I LOT from the experience.

After Kirika I also completed a couple of conversion projects. Taking a break from these tedious modifications, I worked on a small Nadia. Despite its size, I think the kit is one of the best renditions of Nadia. With Jean’s plans in the background, she easily became the slightly nostalgic entrance girl.

Ah! Wet Rei finished at the end of 2002 was one of my more ambitious project and certainly deserve a spot on the front page. While this isn’t the first anime girl with water droplets, I haven’t seen anything like her before. What I really like about Rei is that her droplets are closer to the real scale – they’re still exaggerated, but fine enough to be believable. After Rei I saw a few figures trying to achieve similar effects, but the media used were not as finely controllable as the gel medium I used, and consequently the droplets are either too big, or looks like smeared lotion. One of the greatest fun in creating figures is coming up with effects to simulate, and then coming up with ways to do the simulation.

Honey was the final kit I finished before going on a long 7-month modeling hiatus. There were no big modifications, but I did a number of small mods and applied a few techniques I’ve used recently on her, such as sweat drops and laces.

Resuming modeling August 2003, my first kit Porno Dianno was a tedious project with pose changes and detail ups, but the results were worth it. Time for a poster change!

The “Waiting for You” girl was adorable, but the main reason why she’s my current poster girl was my fond memory of europe. After I finished the modifications on her, I immediately composed this image in my mind, and later in photoshop.