Ah! Kagura san!

 While waiting for the 20 coats of Future I put on Cammy’s base to cure, today I received all the needed supplies to create the pool-side base for this WF 2007 Kagura kit that I had painted last week. I like this Kagura sculpt a lot, and the stretching  pose is so neeeat.  I’m going to add a little water dripping on her later.

I had some struggles with whether to go with a rectangular base or a circular one. A rectangular one is much easier to make, but after comparing the options a circular one would better “contain” the figure… I can’t explain it too well. Anyway to create a raised pool side I stacked and truncated a couple of acrylic disc and laid some Evergreen tile styrene sheet on top. A disc at the bottom serve as the water edge; since I had too much excess resin from Cammy I put a layer on the acrylic disc to create some undulation on the water surface. The rails were actually the headache part; I thought I could bend a couple of aluminum tubes for it, but the tubes will fold most of the time instead of creating a curve. Perhaps I needed solid aluminum tubes, but at the diameter I needed it’s perhaps very difficult to bend without tools. Anyway I discovered a bag of styrene cylinders I bought a while back, and by superheating them I could slowly bend them into shape. Took a few tries, but in the end it works out ok. Still needed to patch up the back of the base later.


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  1. You are the MASTER! I love your creativity with the bases for your figures! It REALLY adds something special to an already AMAZING figure!

  2. Kagura-chan looks great. I’d tint the bottom of the lower acrylic disc with some clear blue… just to get the “water” look happening. I almost wish she could be turned around the other direction, so the viewer’s attention goes to all the hard work you did on the “other side”. But then that would kinda conflict with the action of the figure – who appears to be stretching and warming up before taking a dip :mrgreen: Awesome work (as usual) 😉

  3. Thanks! 😛

    The blue tint is in the plan, but I’ll try to experiment with whether I can do a better job of showing the waves. The thing that troubles the me most however is what to do with the rather “bare” back of the base. If I had posed her as you said Masa that problem could also be solved… ugh.

  4. A plausible excuse would be “Kagura-chan was stretching and loosening up some sore muscles AFTER her swim” :mrgreen: Goes with the plan to have her wet too. After seeing the actual base though… it does seem a shame to have the detailed portion hidden from the main view. I’d flip her around the other way for sure 😉

  5. Hmmm the flipping didn’t work as well as I thought 😕 One of the rails always gets in the way of one of her legs, and it defocuses the figure I think. I wonder if it’d be worth just taking away one of the rails? The scene looks a bit bare though (but may be it’s just one of those dominant first impression thing). ARrrgghhhh :mrgreen:

  6. Another nice figure!
    On the bending of aluminum (and copper) tube, the old aircraft machinest trick is to pour sand into the tube and cap both ends with tape or clay. Bend your tube slowly so the metal on the outside radius stretches at the same time that the inside radius shrinks. The lack of support is what causes the folding/deformation of the tube.
    Great job, my next project is soaking in CSC now! 😀

  7. Thanks David, that makes total sense! I gave it a quick try, but I probably used sand that’s perhaps too fine, so it didn’t offer enough support. I imagine coarse and tightly packed sand should do the trick.

  8. Looks like I can add a bunch of little gadgets on the base to detail it up, and let the base go single rail. Yay.

  9. Another trick you can use to bend tube is insert a length of copper wire to almost fill the inside of the tube. To help thing along you can also heat the tube before bending.

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