Reflect Cammy part 6

Just realized I missed part 5 😀

After weighing various options I bought small bottles of EasyCast clear resin for the water. The resin is very runny and takes a while to cure; I could still stir the mixture around after 6-7 hours. But I’m quite impressed how bubble-free the resulting cast is (unless I stir it 😀 ) I have wanted to create some water motion for the running river, so I tried to create flow by shaping the uncured resin. But it levels extremely well so in the end I wasn’t half successful. This thing takes about 24 hrs for soft cure, and 3 days to fully cure, so after waiting a day I applied heavy gel on top to create some small flow. The gel is white on application, and it’ll dry clear. In the pics the gel has only partially dried, so you can still see some cloudy spots.

I did a pretty stupid thing when casting the resin. As you can see, the diorama base is raised, so I needed to put up some “walls” so that the resin can stay put. Well unlike other more reasonable modelers, I used Playdol clay to put the wall up, since it “feels” that this setup should be more leak-proof. Well it’s leak-proof alright, but it’s also insanely hard to scrap away the remnants of the clay, which sticks and smears to everything it touches. Lesson learned 🙁 In the process I also did quite a bit of damage to the wooden base, so I had to refinish it. The back of the wood is beyond help, I probably will have to cover the whole base with another color; what a waste of time.

I’ve also created a couple of “horse shoes” which are used as the special circular “guards” on top of Cammy’s boots. I have not been able to find designs of the boots when they are untied, so I assumed they are rubber and will yank outwards when the boots are untied, turning the original circle shape into a horse shoe shape. The laces will be taken care of properly later.

Oh yeah, one thing that puzzles me is that the resin has to be stirred for a couple of minutes *twice*, each time in separate containers. Not sure what the point is.


  1. Looks just like water, indeed. Really nice. I love the swoosh-effect over the small pebbles! Too bad that the base got damaged a bit 🙁

  2. That’s the same stuff I used on my Takeuchi Yuka dio. Yes, it was pretty runny for much longer than the suggested set-up time. I let mine sit for a couple days before touching it. Lucky for me, my pour area was lower than the edge of the base, so I didn’t have to worry about overflow. Even after the headaches… yours turned out awesome ğŸ˜Ž

  3. Awsome ! 😯 It looks so real .. All your diorama idea’s are always well studied and done so that they end up looking quite cool :cool:, I am thinking this resin is almost done ! , Just upload more and share with us MORE ! , And what happened with the glass ?

  4. Thanks guys.

    Wow I didn’t know you’ve got the same brand Masa 🙂 It’s the lowest priced clear resin I could find, although not cheapest per volume. It tends to adhere itself to edge very strongly however, creating these concave edges which perhaps is great for casting but not so great for dio…

    OMG did they discontinued Modeler’s mask sol?!??! Crazy!

  5. Very, very nice…
    I’m still head aching over the NERV base (thanks for your inputs; totally forgot to reply both to you and to Masa) but this brand might do the trick if I can find a suitable tint for it… ^^

  6. No problem Joa. Not sure whether you meant suitable color or suitable tinting medium, the company (Castin’craft) sells transparent dyes that’ll work with this resin.

  7. Lol.. just realized that is the brand I’ve been trying to order, but it’s not available in Sweden + no one I’ve *talked to* in in the US will ship here (hazardous material)… I’m still in the blind unless anyone can point me in the right direction in Europe…

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