Reflect Cammy part 5

Having more or less done with the main figure, I’m making a small diorama base for Cammy-chan. The scene depicts Cammy have just done her daily ass-kicking and is relaxing a bit along a river side, dipping her feet in very shallow water. The base is the usual Celluclay fair, but this time in order to create small “rocky beach” type of groundwork typical of river basins, I tried the Golden coarse pumice gel. I kind of like it, it’s really easy to apply and the grains sticks pretty well. I imagine finer pumice would be ideal for beaches. I’d like to add some pebble stones to give it a little variety. I don’t know what I want to do for water yet. Heavy clear gel would work, but may be a pain to apply for such a big area. May be I’ll try a little EZ water…

And yes, Cammy’s shoulder needs a little patch up later πŸ˜‰ Her holding the beret cap in my previous post was a bad idea since it somehow made her left side look unbalanced. She looks more relaxed without it. I’ll just lay it on the ground or something.



  1. I never cared for EZ water that much. Of course my experience with it was pretty limited (due to how yellow and bubble-filled and streaky it turned out). I ended up using a clear epoxy resin from the hardware store. Mix A and B in equal amounts and pour. Dries crystal clear and dare I say… “like water” πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see the results 😎

  2. Ewww. thanks for the EZ Water tip. Epoxy resin sounds like a good idea – and if it’s from hardware store it should be less expensive than casting resin (yes I’m cheap :mrgreen: ).

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