Reflect Cammy part 4

Argh I think I’ve burned myself out last week doing marathon work on the Silent Mobius plaque. But after getting all the supplies I needed for Cammy this week I’m giving Cammy some due attention 🙂

I was waiting for her eyelashes to come; after seeing how they look on Reflect’s Rei, I think Cammy would look good with them as well, so I’ve bought a bunch of doll eyelashes to try. I still don’t have a good way to affix them to the kit however, and it was a battle to superglue them to Cammy’s eye-socket, involving lots of smudging and scraping. Argggh.

One thing I didn’t pay attention earlier was her braids. It turns out that in the original kit, the left braid was rested a little on her shoulder armor. In my version though, the shoulder armor is gone, and leaves behind a weird “bump” behind. I was trying to heat and twist the braids so as to remove the bump, but viola, it turns into this flowing pose that I much prefer! Combined with little bending on her “bang”, she now looks more like the “old” Cammy. I’ve also made a beret cap for her (yet to be detailed) to hold and am in the process of modifying the couple of boots into hers.

Now I just have to come up with a simple but effective base for her 🙂



  1. Gah, she’s so pretty 😯 I love that serene look on her face, great mood. Awesome kit, awsome paintjob!

    The only thing I’m a bit curious about is the green tubes you’ve put in the boots. Are they supposed to be her socks? If so, they would probably look better if they were a bit saggy, or not looking like two, well, tubes.

  2. Oops I should’ve removed the tubes before taking the pics 😳 They were used to hold the boots in shape during shipping, but aren’t really part of the boots. I left them there initially when I was trying to make the “ring” portion of the boots.

  3. She’s coming along great! Definately has the classic Cammy essence now. Eyelashes look seamless.. never would’ve known they were so much trouble just looking at the pics. 😀

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