Attack of the grail kit part 6

I’ve finally gotten the stained glass I was talking about as candidates for the frame. The good news is that they are indeed as fantastic as they were shown from the place where I bought it, The bad news is that like other iridescent materials they are really picky about lighting.

These two are both blue iridescent, with different base color.

This one is really neat, it has glass beads on top. But it looks like it’ll be difficult to get the iridescent rainbow colors to show at all. But even if that were the case, the beads resemble bubbles which would fit really well with the aqua motif. The main question is whether I can cut this thing at all…


This is what happens when the angle is not right, it’s all black 🙁


I also managed to cut myself in the first 5 minutes of handling these glass pieces, dang…


  1. Sorry to hear about your injury 😥 Killer stuff! Too bad its glass… acrylic would have been much easier to cut ^^;; I like the top ones better than the clearish one. Even if it looks black in some angles… that isn’t really a bad thing – I’m sure you can work it out with the lighting when you take the finish photos 😎

  2. Oh ! w000t ! I smell another original creative .. Insane idea from Cody XD , I am sure it’ll be a pain in the ass to cut those 😐 , But i am sure they’ll look amazing in the end ! Just please update more .. ! And Finish the Evangelion Splitting of the breast Project 😈 ..

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