No best of both worlds

I installed the WordPress app which allows me to create a post and use my phone to snapshot my WIP photos at the same time, which is awesome. This means I’ll have more updates in the future now that posting isn’t super painful. However one disappointing aspect is the inability to photo edit. Just simple … Continue reading

New look

… or rather just realized that my site looks so horrible on mobile that I decided to go with a theme that is mobile friendly. Not everything works though unfortunately.

Moving sales!

Since I’m moving I’d like to ship out some finished and unfinished kits so that I don’t have to keep so many 🙂 For the finished kits at: I’m willing to negotiate discounts of 10-40% if purchasing multiple kits… I’ll also be selling several lots of unbuilt kit later, stay tuned…

Is this things still on?

Yes it’s still on! But with all the traveling and some life changes modeling has taken a back seat. This is not to say I haven’t done anything all this while, but when you’re not inspired you’re not inspired 🙂 I however find enough patience to repaint this incredibly awesome Knight of Skeleton statue that … Continue reading

Boy do I feel stupid…

Thanks for all of you guys who helped me test the new server! Unfortunately after a lot of running around and a day-long down time, it seems I’m not ready to move away yet. After wasting a lot of time, I’m still back to where I was 🙁 Ah well… I also lost the testing … Continue reading


The new gallery is down again. Apparently someone was hammering it, and the server couldn’t take the load. I guess I’ll try writing a simple one myself… In the mean time I’ve resurrected all the old galleries.

New gallery test

There are still more work to be done on my new Gallery2-driven gallery, but I think I should test things out first… say if the host still can’t handle the load, I should really switch before the 30-day trial period. So I’m giving it a one-day test drive 🙂 I don’t have time to put … Continue reading

Now with sauce

WordPress has this Gravatar (globally recognized avatars) support, and I really like this feature so much that I’ve tossed it in. Then I realized I haven’t enabled registration on the site 🙁 Yikes, got that fixed finally… Thanks to Masa’s suggestion I’m converting the gallery to a more accessible format, with some tradeoffs. But it … Continue reading

Back :(

The hosting company took the site off yesteday and today, as they claimed that I was using too much cpu. I think there were spiders going through the gallery that I was still working on optimizing. Unfortunately the hosting people use some bizarro math as criteria for reinstatatement that will put me out for at … Continue reading