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Many Ah! Megamisama kits are very pretty, especially those of Belldandy. However I have a thing against building them – isn’t a big fan of Bell-chan (thought she’s a bit too submissive) and most kits have relatively little skin 🙂 But since I started using pearl colors extensively, I can finally do some cool things with the costumes. So here goes my first Bell-chan kit!

I like off-balance kit and so I picked this one up. The other Bell-chan kit associated with water would be the Grampus kit where she leans forward in a bowing position. That may be a great kit to many, but I always thought it’s a bit strange to look at since she’s in an awkward position; also she looks like she’s a bit uncomfortable… anyway I’m ranting again. Looking back at this kit, I think I like its simple elegance – it’s not too flashy, but it’s not plain either. I’m pleasantly surprised how nice the front view looks (which I didn’t see in the stock picture.)

She’s my new front page gal.

Kit Review

Seam lines: 3/5   Pinholes: 4/5   Casting: 3/5   Fit: 4/5   Part Break: 4/5   Help

This kit is a mixed bag. Some of the stuff was done well and some pretty badly. The casting on the clothing, especially the “sleeves”, could be better; there is a lot of rough spots on these areas – tedious to clean up. The fit however was almost perfect. I’d have given part break a 5 if not for the sleeves – they attach to the main shoulder area by surface only, there’s no way to pin, so it was a stability concern.

The main problem with the kit however is the details. The sculptor seems amateurish, the hair was a bit lacking in detail and the strands got munched into one another. She also don’t have her trademark hair bang, so I needed to add that myself. The yellow triangles on her suit has very high relief which isn’t a major concern, but it’s weird regardless. Finally the clothing shoulder/chest area doesn’t really make sense, if you see art of Bell-chan they’re wrapped tight, but here is a strange platform-like extension. The pattern there is supposed to be two rows of upward and downward right-triangles, here we get one row of equilateral ones. Her clutching hands was also a bit simplistic. The “tail” on the back was supposed to be rooted by feathers, but we get some weird looking pickles. Finally I think her nose is a bit to the right – makes her front view look somewhat unparallel… fortunately it’s not immediately noticable. These are all minor problems and don’t ruin the kit, but I wish they were done better.


I had a hard time deciding what pearl color I want on top of Bell-chan’s blue parts – green or blue? Finally I settled on blue. The white parts are given a coat of violet pearl, you can see traces of them in the pictures above. The effect is more prominent in person – seems like these colors shows up much better in low exposure. I painted the yellow triangles gold with a coat of clear yellow on top. To be honest I only did it because I hate masking – gold is a very opaque color and hand paints extremely well. But it turns out to be a good choice. As for the hair, Bell-chan was shown with many different color, blonde, yellow, brown, brown grey… I use a yellow/brownish theme this time. Using a dull yellow base coat, I airbrushed clear brown for shadows and a clear yellow/orange mixed in brillant gold powder for highlights. The powder is excellent, it gives her hair that blondy shine but doesn’t overdo it. If I had painted straight gold on top it’d have looked like gold and that’d be weird.

As mentioned in the Review section, the kit was lacking in details, so I added quite a few hair strands to make up for that. The earrings are as difficult to make as usual, they casted them on a piece of resin and you have to cut the relief out. Needless to say I screwed up – the “rings” of her earrings are very very thin and so one of them got damaged. After a lot of hassle I fixed them, but they weren’t very visible, what a waste. The water swirl she stands on is cast in clear blue resin; I wish they cast it in plain clear so that I shade it. Oh well. The base I painted an ordinary acrylic circle with clear blue. I tried to create some relief on it so that it looks somewhat like waves (didn’t have the patience to generate a full waterbed), so I jabbed the brush around a wet coat of clear blue, and after it dries I sprayed more clear blue and brushed a heavy coat of future. I think it turns out ok, better than a plain blue piece of plastic, but of course not as good as diorama water.

For some reason all her flying clothing reminds me of one of those gundam mobile armors, don’t you think her back looks like a lot of verniers? 🙂

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