Liger Zero Panzer – Zoids – 1/72 HMM Kotobukiya model kit


There is only one reason I like this kit: the missiles! I’m a missile freak and the more the better.


Having just finished the MG Black Unicorn Norn, I finally found my motivation to finish up this painful kit by continuing with the “lion” motif. The abundance of missiles also meant the blow up in the number of parts the kit has, which I wasn’t really thrilled with. Fortunately I decided to go with a more radical approach to painting this kit – painting it on the runners! Yup, that go against the common wisdom. You’re supposed to cut off the parts, do surface prep work and paint them in subassemblies. But the number of parts just make it a very tedious process, and I found the constant clipping and unclipping the parts off of the part holders to be very a drag. So I wonder whether just painting them on the runner and do touch up later would save more work?


DSC_0683 DSC_0683-2

This type of painting is probably best suited to all these modern kits with huge number of parts, all color separated and with very good fits between parts. In fact I find the Koto kits one notch above Bandai kits in the fit department – the parts are so well-aligned that the seams are not very visible.  Which means you probably don’t even need to test fit, if you don’t mind risking it a bit. Anyway, the final verdict is a definite YES on saving time. The painting process is a breeze for sure, and the touch up wasn’t bad at all, because 1. the parts are layered on top of each other, e.g. armor on inner frames. That means you don’t care about the touch up on the inner frames; and 2. in general these modern kits are very well designed to have the plastic gates not be very visible. So the final amount of touch up is very manageable.  It probably took the painting time off by half! Not much saving here on touch ups like panel lining and drybrushing and applying decals, but I don’t mind those as much.



Now I can see why some people can finish kits up so quickly – after new kits came out you can see some Japanese builder get a painted version out in a couple of days. Not that I want to build kits that way as I still found a lot of value in the final touch ups, but expediting the process allows me to build more complex kits and not lose interest quickly. Lately I’ve been wanting to finish up all these kits that had been bugging me for ages to finish up, all the while dealing with the slow influx of new kits (!@$#!@$), so it definitely helps to improve the process!

DSC_0686 DSC_0687


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