Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom – 1:20 Bandai

First of a few 1:20 Bandai Scopedogs that I finished with weathering. I’m very much drawn to the Bandai kits because their proportions are very spot on, and they are easy to build when you compare it to the 1:24 Wave variants or the tiny 1:35. There are a few gimmicks like the “bolts” on the armor plates, but those are minor benefits. I had slaved through some Wave kits before with massive mods, but why go with that when you have something nicer?DSC_6253

The Red Shoulder Custom or RSC is the first of the many custom Scopedogs that Chirico rides on in the show, and although it’s pretty heavily armed it is later dwarfed by even heavier variants (that I’m in the process of finishing). Anyway the box art for the RSC is heavily weathered and that’s what I went with as well. In the episode the RSC literally busted out of the hanger and started shooting everything around it down while receiving surrounding fire, so the weathering suits it well. DSC_6259 DSC_6256DSC_6257DSC_6258DSC_6265 DSC_6250 DSC_6255

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