Kit Review: Lynn Minmay 1:20 Minimum factory (Max Factory / Good Smile Company)

As I mentioned in my review of the fairy kit, I love this Minmay sculpt and I disliked all others that came before it. Part of the difficulty is perhaps the very expressive 2D design by Haruhiko Mikimoto isn’t quite translatable into a 3D design; the nose was always wrong amongst other issues such as odd shaped head and rigid poses.

Anyway back to the kit, which comes in a surprisingly large box. Didn’t I buy a tiny figure?

The reason why the box is so big is that the runners are big but the pieces are really tiny, haha!

The instruction leaflet is huge as well, with its back a full poster of Minmay. Not caring too much.

The decal sheet is great with 5 pairs of identical eyes and 2 sets of the dress’ triangular patterns.

The glaring omission in the instruction booklet is colors. Can we at least try please? I don’t absolutely need it, but it’d be nice to have! Certainly the color separation is good enough for you to go without painting, but it makes a difference if you do. The instruction said so itself 🙂

Now onto the actual kit – probably a lot of people would wonder whether this is a snap fit kit – it isn’t. It has this aspiration wanting to be one, with the parts interlocking in ways that are like the prepainted figures. But the joints are not tight enough to hold any pieces together unfortunately.

The shoulder is the area where you need a little putty work… not a great area for seams.

Complaints are really minor and I applaud Max Factory for producing this line of figures especially from Cheri’s wonderful Minmay. It’d be awful if this were only available in expensive resin. As a side note I have no idea why the small 1:20 scale is chosen; this seems to be the trend for many recent figures and even mechs… perhaps it’s a cost thing, with smaller items begetting a better sales/profit ratio. 1:20 is a great scale for me however; it displays nicely alongside any scaled Macross kits, be it 1:72 or 1:48, the figure doesn’t look out too out of place. A 1:6 figure can only be displayed by itself because it simply dwarfs those scaled Valkyries and such.


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