Sherry – Langrisser 2 – 1/6 resin figure


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This is one of the earliest garage kit I bought. Back then the casting technique was not that great and the pieces don’t fit as well. The 90’s anime characters have these gigantic eyes that are scary.

The kit came from one of Satoshi Urushihara’s game character illustrations. The sculptor did a pretty good job of capturing the art, but in 3D it’s a bit off. Long story short the kit looks good at the intended angle, but isn’t really interesting from other angles.

The chrome are all done with Alclad – I’m getting the hang of it. You need a couple of really thin coats and allow the underneat black enamel base coat to see through, or else it’s already too thick and although it still looks better than other silvers, it’s nowhere close to what it could’ve been. For gold I did some research and ended up with Rustoleum gold. I found it the hard way that it eats my black base coat and had to strip the boots because of that 🙁 I found that to obtain the metal shine, you either brush it on really thick, almost runny, or you have to spray it on, again in an almost runny layer. Airbrushing it didn’t work half as well to my dismay.  In the end it works better than the Alclad pale gold and Mr. Metal gold, both of which suffers from not having that metal texture I was looking for… For the red I did Alclad and then clear Tamiya red on top. I was worried that’d dull the Alclad, but it turned out just great.

I was in the mood to finish up some ancient kits that I put off because of the difficulty, and that’s why I picked Sherry up. I wish the sculpt was a bit nicer though, because I’d have been much more satisfied with the finish.

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  1. where in the hell can i buy this figure?
    i cannot find it anywhere online.
    if you don’t like it that much, i would love to purchase this off of you if you wouldn’t mind

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