Attack of the grail kit part 3

After a week of non-stop painting/masking, The plaque is finally taking up color! You’ve gotta see the leftover masking liquid film that I pulled off, it’s insane 🙂

There are many nook and crannies on the kit, the masking film sometimes get lodged in them and make the film hard to pull up. A little bit of Delta ceracoat helped ease that; I wish I actually apply it all over the kit before I try pulling up the masks, it’d have reduced the time required to lift them off.

Anyway, as you can see I’ve picked my background – an aquatic pool-bottom pattern. I think it blends in well with the rest of the kit and is soft enough.
But now the headache follows to the frame… originally I thought about gold-leaving it, but it’d have been quite harsh in contrast to the framed content.
Argh. Before I go there though, I still have many things to fix! I’ve forgotten to mask over some areas so I needed to do some touch ups first 🙁 Like the
purple patch below Kiddy’s gun, is just one of several unmasked spots.


  1. Goodness, talk about tedious work 🙂 It’s coming along great though, I’m looking forward to see it all done!

  2. Wahnsinnig! Crazy, man, the effort, but boy, how it will look when finished!

    Maybe a very muted/subdued marble finish for the frame, like a panel in a Roman rotunda…

    Looking forward for the last results .

    BTW : Cody I just wanted to tell about the new latest NGE Resin kit , Could be found here :
    Maybe you should try it out . Ofcourse you have to get it first which is pain in the ass because it’s a limited oh well i just thought it’s worth telling you about .

    Waiting to see your results .. ^^

  4. What Brad said .. it would also emphasise the reference with the draperies and the aquatic theme .. you know, Roman Baths…

    Looks smashing by the way

    And .. *kicks Cody in the knee* .. While you’re at it bringing up older projects; get back to the Evangelion ep#16 display, will ya! :mrgreen:
    There’s nothing better than a 01 unit going Berserk in the morning… 😈

  5. Haha thanks for the suggestions! It didn’t occur to me that it could be a roman bath motif 🙂 I was thinking that anything stone-like surrounding the relatively soft framed content would cause some conflicts.

    Hey Joa I was also watching the WIP on your grail kit :mrgreen: However I’ll have to finish up another Eva 01 diorama before getting back to the “Ball of Death” kit 😉

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