Attack of the grail kit part 2

While waiting for paint/putty to dry on Cammy, I’ve picked up the Silent Moebius Venus plaque again, this time working on it for real πŸ™‚ Originally I wanted to saw off the frame so that I won’t have such a hard time with painting the base, but my largest dremel saw disc couldn’t penetrate the resin, so I gave up the idea.
I’ve seen two buildups of this kit and they were all monochrome, casting the girls as statues, presumably due to the PAIN in masking. But this kit being one of my grail kits will have none of that! I collected the different skintone mixtures I’ve mixed over the past couple of years and used them on the girls. For instance, Kiddy’s (lower right) is Mina‘s skin tone πŸ™‚ It’s a bit difficult to diversify the tones while staying true to their character art, because all of them are usually rendered in the same pale whitish anime skintone. First some names:
Top: Rally
Second row: Lebia, Yuki
Thrid: Nami, Katsumi, Kiddy

Yuki and Nami being younger gets paler skintone, and while Yuki got my normal light mix, Nami gets a more reddish one (which was actually created by mistake for another kit πŸ™‚ ). Katsumi has Kacchu Musume‘s slightly darker/healthier skintone, and Rally being on the top and most obvious spot, gets my most recent Mizuki mix. Lebia though was quite hard. Being caucasian she should be rather pale, but I wanted some contrast with her and the two even paler characters adjacent to her. So I made a paler version of my recent Cammy mix for her. So far I’ve only shaded Rally and Kasumi (to avoid having to mask… that’s why you’d see some spill over on Nami and Kiddy πŸ˜€ ) By the way besides the painful masking, this kit is also exhausting to paint since it’s so darn heavy, being cast in solid resin :mrgreen:

I’m planning a regal pearlescent purple for the flowing drape, but I’m still agonizing over what to do about the base. The only thing I know is that I need something of a light color, or else the whole thing will look too “heavy”. Wanted to do something cool with it, which is why I wanted to remove the base and put the girls on top of a piece of fancy fabric. But that option is out πŸ™‚ Btw you saw that huge gash on the lower right, as well as all those holes around the edge – those are my failed attempt at separating the frame :mrgreen:


  1. This is the best hing to happen this year so far. I love this kit, could never find one myself. To see it done by the master will be a awesome.

    Cody I have watched this site for years and have always been impressed by your amazing skills. I am currently trying to create your Polno conversion in 3ds max, best reference pics I can find for her.

    I wait eagerly.

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