Reflect Cammy part 2

Finally action resumes on Codyland where we left off, with un-nazi-rized Cammy. I’ve made a lot of changes in the past week, but it’s a hassle to take my camera out of the photo rig setup these days.
Btw it’s a royal pain to upload multiple images with wordpress!

I made two main changes from last time, first I corrected the unsightly right shin that was bent wayyy too much, and second I’ve lowered her left shoulder. Because her shoulders were hidden under some heavy pads, it was a lot of guess work how she look underneath them. In the first version I guessed wrong on her left shoulder, making her look like she was shrugging 🙂

Another challenge is her feet, sculpting those toes were quite difficult. If they were anime characters’ toes, I think I’d have a lot more leeway, but with a masterfully sculpted figure like this there’s less chance for mistakes.

Comments? I’ve only got her base skintone on so there’s still room for fixes.


  1. Certainly better! To my eye the right leg in the first photo still looks a bit off though. Something about the line from hip, to calf, to foot I think. Looks like its “too straight” if that makes sense. Right shoulder also looks a little chunky in that picture.

    Overall good stuff though!

  2. Thanks. Could you elaborate a bit on the “too straight” part? I’d like to fix the problem 🙂

  3. Hmmm… I’d say the figures right knee seems over extended. For example, stand with your own knees locked. Now imagine what your leg looks like after pushing your knee backwards an extra inch (relative to hip and foot).

    Something like that would be painful so I don’t recommend it, but that’s how the right leg looks to me. By too straight, I mean relative to a natural pose (not the Feb 11 pics).

    Sorry, it’s hard to explain.

  4. I see… ys it makes sense. I think I’ve corrected the original problem only half way, it’s still bent a bit. Thanks!

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