Back :(

The hosting company took the site off yesteday and today, as they claimed that I was using too much cpu. I think there were spiders going through the gallery that I was still working on optimizing. Unfortunately the hosting people use some bizarro math as criteria for reinstatatement that will put me out for at least a day. Then today I got no response from them for most of the day which made me quite angry.
Anyway I’m glad that this sucky experience is over for now.


  1. I hate that! The only time I ever got dinged for bandwidth was one month where I went over my limit. Not just a one day thing. In my case, it was also about gallery usage. I had a ton of Shirow stuff on my site and word got out. Needless to say, I changed my account bandwidth and took some of the art off the site. I also changed the kilobyte size of a lot of the art I had. That helped, but in the end, it just wasn’t worth having all those images.

    I hope this doesn’t happen to you anymore. Changing ISPs can be a pain.

  2. Well I wasn’t dinged for bandwidth, it was for the computation overhead of the gallery2 templates I was working on. The WP-Gallery2 integration plugin appears to be a cpu hog, and the server was overloaded when a spider was crawling my site and trying to d/l every single image. The thing I was unhappy is that even though I fixed the problem within hours, it took them 2 days to bring my site back.

    I really have to look at getting rid of some features that I don’t need in Gallery2. It simply isn’t as efficient as say WP. Also it has some crazy implementation like only generating thumbnails when you first d/l the gallery pages. That’d really cause a spike in the cpu usage right there.It’s also too bad that the hosting provider don’t have php caching solutions like eaccelator installed on their servers, that’d really help everyone I think.

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