I think it’s time for a “big” kit project… I was thinking of finishing up the Lilith , but got stuck on coming up with an idea for a base. The other alternative is to do the Sorayama Amazon (link contains nudity) with the wet tricks I did with Ayanami, that’d also kick butt. Or Griffith on Horse from Berserk, which I have been very tempted to start on lately. The last option wins out for now, since it’s work-safe and I needed something in my office πŸ™‚


On such a large kit surface preparation is almost exclusively done with a rotatary tool, I’m just starting to get a hang of it. The horse is probably going to be a lot of trouble, because it’s wrapped in a cape of sorts, and so there’ll be a lot of masking and puttying when I install the cape pieces after painting the horse’s body. The cliff base is cast in polystone, and I didn’t realize it, but the core is empty. So little horse can’t really stand securely πŸ™ Therefore I’m filling it with plaster of paris.


  1. Argh, that kit is just so beautiful. It’s grail of mine. Doubt I’ll ever get a hold of it (or Guts on horseback), though.

    This is going to be so interesting to follow πŸ™‚

  2. I’m a proud owner of the dynamic duo, yaay! πŸ˜€ They are my grail kits too. For all their glory, they had such a limited production run, which is a real shame. I like the duo’s designs better before the monsters started appearing; their new armors have way too elaborate armor that didn’t look to medieval.

    Anyway here’s crossing fingers that I won’t drop the project mid-way πŸ™‚

  3. No kidding! I was wondering about the armour and capes on the horse. Quite an undertaking, from the pics I saw.

    In military terms, a monument to a great warrior usually shows the horse rearing up with the rider’s sword drawn if the hero died in battle. I don’t know if a monument base is in order, but it’s generally an accepted protocol. Just a thought…

  4. hey cody, been watching your sites for well over a year now and i must say you do fantastic work.

    i did want to mention you might want to pick up durham’s wood putty(don’t know if you can get that where you are, but i’m sure if youlook online…). with the putty you can pour it all at once and once it’s dry it’s dry, it wont take forever like plaster of paris. i’ve used it to fill vinyl kits before because plaster has a tendency to sweat if you pour it too thick.

  5. Thanks for the tip! I’m sure I can get it from my local hardware store. I played with Durham’s water putty but have no idea how the wood type differs. I mostly used plaster because I had some leftover, but now the top is too heavy and the cliff is tipping over with the horse on top. Yikes… From my experience the water putty is much lighter and might have been a better option. Or the wood putty if it’s also light (and cheap).

  6. [quote comment=”66″]I don’t know if a monument base is in order, but it’s generally an accepted protocol. Just a thought…[/quote]

    Hmmm, are you suggesting some sort of base with the Band of the Hawk emblem? It would be pretty neat except Joa already did it with his nice Caska. May be I’ll make the cliff higher and put some splashing waves underneath the cliff… I’m kidding but it doesn’t sound too bad πŸ˜€

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