Banzai Hobby

I came across this japanese retailer Banzai Hobby in the Macross forum, where I took note of a special deal with a SV-262+VF-31 bundle. From there on I started to take note of this retailer and compared it with my go-to site HLJ. It appears that while HLJ is always at 20% discount for Gunpla, Banzai is trying to beat that at 25%. So with the latest MG ZZ Ver ka., we’re looking at 4500 yen vs. 5100yen at HLJ. Moreover Banzai appear to have cheaper SAL shipping as well (not sure about other methods), where HLJ was charging 1880yen and Banzai 1480. So I’m gradually shifting my purchasing to Banzai. The downside is the selection, since Banzai is focussing on RC it doesn’t have as much variety of models as HLJ, and the Private Warehouse feature of HLJ is definitely handy for pre-ordering. Banzai isn’t as sophisticated and its management of pre-ordering is pretty ad-hoc. I’ve been a faithful customer of HLJ for literally a decade and more, but Banzai is really giving them a run for its money! 

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