Neo Zeong arms II

While moveability of NZ isn’t one of its forte, I was quite taken to its pose in the mechanic file, where it has its arms outstretched. The kit wouldn’t do it as one of the parts was obscuring the movement. I opted to convert the part to a double ball joint… And now the arm… Continue reading Neo Zeong arms II

Neo Zeong arms

Getting closer! Detailing the arms is a real chore since you have to do it six times. That’s the beauty of this beast. Following the mechanic file image, added these details… Realized that I can use the kotobukiya pistons for the funnels, I think I’ll go with this

Neo Zeong hands

Was bothered by the empty space inside the hands now that I converted all of them to movable fingers, so I savaged the landing gears from my millennium falcon kit to fill the void. Also used the BMC side scraper to create a number of edge details. I wish I could restart painting soon, but… Continue reading Neo Zeong hands

Adding panel lines

Neo Zeong doesn’t have much surface details therefore scribing panel lines is a must. After some trial and error, finally got the hang of using the chisel to create the recessed details.

Neo Zeong Fingers II

I don’t know why I still have the will to carry this through, but I do! Spent the weekend creating panel line and recessed details in the fingers… all 30 of them! I’ll have 4 of the funnel bits floating. When they are detached, they open up and extend into 3 shards. Now I’m going… Continue reading Neo Zeong Fingers II

Neo Zeong fingers

Its painful to do this 30 times! But the fingers is one mod I didn’t see a lot of, and the illustrations of NZ always comes in a certain way. Also planning to install ball joints at the bases of the fingers rather than the fingers themselves… I think that’s the way NZ was always… Continue reading Neo Zeong fingers

Keiko girls done!

Very different from what I imagined the set to be initially, but I’m not complaining 🙂 More images from my smugmug gallery. Photographing this kit was a real challenge. The girls are facing different ways, so their faces could easily be in the shadows, especially Holiday (middle). After picking up some studio setup tips, I… Continue reading Keiko girls done!


OMG is it a figure update?! Taking a breather from my sabbatical (that doesn’t sound right…), I’m finding some time to wrap up some of the kits I’ve been working on FOREVER. First up is this set of 3 Keiko girls – Holiday, Yasumi and Suzumi in swimsuit. Originally I had them organized in a… Continue reading WIP!

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Attack of the grail kit part 8 (final)

Cranking it! After being in suspended animation for almost a year, I’ve finally done the touch up required to finish up this grail kit of mine, Silent Moebius Venus Plaque. Enjoy 🙂 (nudity alert)