Blast from the past!

Before there were the Nu Gundam MG Ver Ka. which was an excellent kit, there was the less than impressive vanilla MG Nu. I love the original design by Izubuchi which features bulkier build and more curved surfaces. The Ver ka was more detailed, but it isn’t the same impression of the Nu presented in… Continue reading Blast from the past!

Adventures in casting

I’ve been inspired by the Meka Mania’s mod of the 1/24 scopedogs. In fact I was quite curious where his nice fists came from… and after getting the older Takara + resin release from Y!JP auction the puzzle was solved! They were the superior sculpts by Nomoto before they were replaced by the Wave junk… Continue reading Adventures in casting

Kit Review: Lynn Minmay 1:20 Minimum factory (Max Factory / Good Smile Company)

As I mentioned in my review of the fairy kit, I love this Minmay sculpt and I disliked all others that came before it. Part of the difficulty is perhaps the very expressive 2D design by Haruhiko Mikimoto isn’t quite translatable into a 3D design; the nose was always wrong amongst other issues such as odd shaped head… Continue reading Kit Review: Lynn Minmay 1:20 Minimum factory (Max Factory / Good Smile Company)

Sakura hime done!

After all the paint peeling and agonizing color choices, sakura hime is finally done. I’m happy that she’s finally achieved completion after such a prolonged negligence… But I think after so many years my tools and experience has increased enough to do her justice. Now moving on!

Strike Valkyrie weapon load

Since the top of the pylons are visible in the load out display, I needed to add some details to them. In the box art, this amounts to adding a main shaft detail and some surrounding bolts. The missile support are made by bandai’s action base component mounted on the chain base’s gadget. Almost ready!

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Neo Zeong details

I forgot exactly when I started building NZ, but from my posting history it’s a bit over 2 months ago. I have been working on this pretty constantly so it felt like a long process. The weapon container is one of the more detailed parts on NZ so I gave it a bit more spice.… Continue reading Neo Zeong details