Blast from the past!

Before there were the Nu Gundam MG Ver Ka. which was an excellent kit, there was the less than impressive vanilla MG Nu. I love the original design by Izubuchi which features bulkier build and more curved surfaces. The Ver ka was more detailed, but it isn’t the same impression of the Nu presented in Char’s Counterattack.

I picked up an injection conversion kit of the original MG Nu from Hong Kong more than 10 years ago (it said 2006 on the manual haha) which fixed a lot of proportion problems. It was from a company called Meteor Production. The kit has two different renditions, with a very bulky and blocky one that I ditched, and the one shown here.

I had decided a long time ago to abandon this kit, because while the conversion kit was fixing many problems, it didn’t fix the worst of them all, which is the giant head of the original Nu, which I couldn’t live with. The legs were still a bit short as well. The Ver Ka. Nu was much better and honestly how many Nu Gundams do you need? But a series of events came by and moved the project forward. First I finished the Ver ka., but then the now-defunct Kit’s Power offered a resin conversion kit that I eventually bought and applied to my Nu kit. That kit has an extra head that was nicer than the original, which means now I have an extra head! It turns out the Ver ka. head is smaller, and when put together with the original MG Nu, it’s perfect, which is what you’re seeing in the picture. The “horns” are missing as you may notice, because that went to the Ver ka. kit ๐Ÿ™‚ So I needed to do some work to shrink the big Nu head’s horn so that it fits here. I’m quite happy with this rendition.

One of the worst things to happen with an old, WIP kit is that pieces may be everywhere. I’m just not the most organized persion, and like that rifle’s barrel I couldn’t find for the life of me. The funnels’ locking mechanisms were missing some pieces as well ๐Ÿ™ But then they just randomly turn up when you’re not looking for them, so now I was able to finish the kit.

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