VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Hikaru’s Final Shot : 1/72 Hasegawa

This is a Hasegawa 1/72 Strike Battroid kit conversion. The model depicts Hikaru’s VF-1S arriving at the chamber of Baldozer and emptied his magazine in his face. It was simply classic of the classics… no other sequence evoked such emotions!

The Hasegawa Battroid isn’t a bad kit, and amongst the battroid models it’s one of the better ones. It’s a bit too blocky and the chest is too wide, however, but compensated with the abundance of details. Anyway I decided to mod it to the final shooting pose after seeing a similar job done in a hobby mag a long time ago. 

The main changes are of course the shoulders; a substantial portion of the chest-shoulder area needs to be removed in order for the two arms to come together close enough to hold the rifle. At the same time the shoulder joints need repositioning. 

There is also a bit of silliness with the hip area. No kit ever gets the pelvis area right since it’s a bit of a mystery how that actually works, but Hasegawa at least have the option to splay the legs quite a bit had the body cooperated. If you install the 4 tiny wing pieces on the plane’s nose, they are going to block the movement of the pelvis. Great. So I ended up removing them. 

The thing I’m regretting a bit is the wing missile pods, which I bought a supplemental weapon set for. They are in scale with the fighter mode, but in the battroid mode they were too big. The beviled Bandai kit has these skinny pods which would have worked here. In the end it’s not too bad but they look clumsy. 

Obviously the kit is not going to stand. I drilled a hole in the plane’s nose and attached a Bandai action base 1 to it. Overall I’m quite happy with the finish, especially some of the angles were reproducing some of the movie’s frames. 

Due to the final-ness of the scene I gave the Valk a bit of weathering, with drybrushed weapon packs. 


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