WIP: Sakurahime from Plawres Sanshiro

Because of the nice images I got from my figure kits lately, Jason Voorhess and Sakuya, I’ve been reinvigorated with figures and starting to build (and buy) more of them. It’s a shame I suspended them for so long, how much I loved painting skintones!

On the restart I pulled another one of the kits I started building literally 10 years ago, Sakura hime from Toysbrand (which has to be defunct by now). At that time I was still using a lot of the old techniques, and gosh either I primed badly or the paint has gone bad over the years, the old paint started cracking and peeling off, which I had to remove. Worse, when I re-prime the kit the primer would not stick well to the plastic and came off. I must’ve done a poor job with cleaning the resin, or the resin itself is problematic. Either way I kept removing chunks of the primer until I could no longer easily lift the paint, and sanded the exposed resin with 400 grit sand paper. The primer then sticks very well to the resin finally.


In fact after this fiasco last Friday there were more heartaches over the weekend, where various masking led to paint coming off. Should’ve just stripped the kit and start over bit I was too lazy.

In choosing a paint scheme I started checking out the actual character. First I finally figure out the name of the show Plawres Sanshiro. Plawres is short for “plastic wrestling”, and Sanshiro being the name of the protagonist. I have no idea why of all the old anime show, this one really sticks to my memory. The main theme song sings “P.M.P fight!” and the main robot Juohmaru was really cool… I don’t remember much about Sakurahime but like all teenage boy I love the character just for her outfit šŸ™‚

In the show Sakura hime is an ally, not a particular powerful one. Due to the age and (lack of) popularity of the show it took me a while to figure out that she has 3 main outfits. The white one depicted in Toysbrand’s kit like the one I’m building is the first version, which is more like a white bikini with pink stockings. In the middle she switched to version two of the outfit when she participated in the JPWA tournament, which the recent Max Factory action figures depict; and then the final version in the final battle, which has an egyptian theme and looked totally uncool. I’ve built a previous white bikini versionĀ so I have little interest in doing the same scheme, whereas theĀ tournament color scheme is very nice. Even though the armor is in the first version, I decided to do the orange-red-flesh color of the tournament with a coat of red peal. The original pink stocking an glove remains, plus some Chrome highlights. I thought about doing a redĀ coated chrome overall but in light of the possible paint cracking, a two-coat orange-red armor is easier to repairĀ than the 3-coat alclad chrome red!


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