New airbrush: GREX TG5

I needed a larger diameter airbrush for painting large areas; for example priming kits or painting something 1/60. I dug up my old Iwata BCS for this… it has a 0.5mm spray head and with the bottle attachment, I thought it’d be good for it. Then it brought back all my memories of why I hated bottom-feed airbrushes!

The thing is just a beast to clean. Worst you aren’t just cleaning the airbrush but you also need to clean the jar as well! If you neglect it, sometimes the paint will just oozes out of the bottle into a bloody mess due to pressurizing.

While browsing Sprue Brothers to look for something to amortize shipping cost (was buying solvaset), I found them carrying this GREX line of airbrush and I was intrigued. The piston grip would be good for spraying large areas and it has a huge reservoir (15ml, which is one full bottle of Gunze paint!). More interestingly, the reservoir is interchangeable and it has 3 sizes. It also comes with a crown cap! At $209 it wasn’t cheap, but compared with the similar offering from Iwata, this is definitely cheaper if it offers comparable performance. I did a bit of research on FineScale forums and others, seems like people like it a lot. This Youtube video also helped show how the person felt about the BCS and the GREX. So I took the plunge and bought the TG5 (G stands for gravity).

Today it arrived and I tried it on spraying my current headache Sakurahime. It’s definitely has a nice feel to spray large areas and it got the job done quickly. Be aware though the brush isn’t really “double action” as it claims but rather closer to a single action. The trigger can only pull in one direction and you’re going to control the needle with it, which means paint flow. In my Iwata CS which is a true double action brush, you control the paint flow AND the air flow, which allows you to spray with different patterns (wide or narrow) with different strengths, which works great for detailing work but less important for large areas. The other concern is the reservoir, which while is huge, it has a rather long tunnel to reach the main body. This can be difficult to clean while switching colors. On the other hand the 15ml reservoir is so huge that I can do blow back easily without thinner spilling everywhere, so that helps cleaning a bit. I’ll try it more and report back. But boy was I glad I bought the airbrush quick connectors. Even if you can fit 3 hoses into your compressor, you really don’t want all the hoses tangling with each other; 2 is optimal. With the quick connect I can infrequently switch brushes with minimum hassle. The cheapo one I got from amazo n was $6 and has one quick connect female and 5 males, totally works!

Update: after trying it out a few days, I love it. It can spray thicker juice since it has stronger airflow. In fact I have to be a bit careful in the trigger because it really empty its reservoir quickly if I’m not careful. The Iwata brushes regulates airs a lot more and the flow isn’t as strong. I mainly use it to prime and overcoat. For other applications I’ll stick with my Iwatas for now since they seem to give better control on paint flow.

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