Christie monteiro from tekken

After a lot of disasters, I finally finished her today!


I liked her quite a bit when I bought her, mostly because of her dynamic pose and cool costume. However the kit was not great to work with having many fit problems, and the head turning back pose makes the kit less interesting. So finishing her wasn’t so much fun and the multiple accidents at the end didn’t help, including fixing my masking errors, smudging the glossy base, breaking the tassels, ruining the metal finishes… Arggh. But I was so close to finish that I didn’t want to switch project, so here we are. Still looking to a couple more figures to be done before a studio shot… Currently almost there is a small Cheri kit of a fairy born from cocoon, and a masking nightmare monster hunter Kirin kit. Watch out for some updates soon.

BTW I was quoted in YouTube! Thanks The Krempist. Makes me want to do a studio walkthrough too, but I don’t like my voice…hah.

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