Jagd Mirage: Both 2992 : 1/100 HSGK Volks resin kit

The Jagd Mirage was a monster in every sense of the word. You can read the details of the Jagd at Gearsonline, but at a towering 43.9 meters it is 3x the regular Mortar Headds. You can tell from the size comparison with the Schpletor.

I had very mixed feelings about the MH. When the Twin Towers versions (from Volks and WSC) first came out more than a decade ago, I looked with envy how awesome the kits were if they were to be displayed, with the cannon standing almost as tall as an adult! The cost and my apprehension of building something like this however held back my interest, and aside from its size I was franking not completely in love with the design. Moreover, I thought that if you have seen the twin towers version there would be no point in getting the regular Jagd without it. 

Fast forward to 2013, the TT was a long memory away, and Volks had then offered a good sculpt in its HSGK line, and I have looked with renewed interest. I now appreciate the design of the MH as depicted in the manga, and the fact that without the twin tower the kit is about 300 pieces which is totally manageable and I have hopes of actually finishing it, despite its impressive size and details. More importantly, the kit is actually displayable as part of a FSS collection alongside other kits. So I made the plunge. 

I like this particular sculpt of a regular MH “knight stance”, whereas previous versions of the kits were walking or standing in less elegant poses. The kit has appropriate amount of details everywhere, with the “braids” in particular a bit of work. It was however a sight to behold when complete! For painting, I mostly followed Volks’ mix, but the green they offered were too dark so I lighted it in two shades. The sword was done in my trusty alclad chrome. The fit was mostly ok, with some adjustments required for the left arm, and the stand was a lot of work to fit the right height with the “arms”. I bolted the kit to the base for stability, there was no way for that horizontal arm to hold the kit properly as the Jagd’s stance was leaning backwards quite a bit. 

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