Wave 1/24 Rabidly Dog

My first Yahoo Japan auction came this rabidly dog from votoms. This apparently was sold through direct sales from be-j,Waves stores, circa 2011-2. 

For whatever read RD was not a popular design and there were few kits of it in resin form, whereas Scopedog was a hit. In Votoms Chirico rode through the Quent desert in this machine, got through waves after waves of joint galaxy army and reached the omnipotent Wiseman. 

The kit is molded in colored resin and very good molding, with no seamlines or flash to remove.

There were two thing that wasted so much of my time. First the parts were packed in some micro foam beads, which sticks to parts with some insane electrostatic force and impossible to remove. You cannot brush them off, blow them off or wash them off. Geeeez! The second problem is the blue casted resin appeared to have a layer of crap stuck on them, soaking them in simple green and toothbrush each got some of them off, with the remaining stubborn layer scraped off with wire brushing. Grrrr. The nicety of casting was however impressive. Looking forward to building it!


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