Misato Katsugari (movie ver.)




Rendition of Misato as her cool self in the movie The End of Evangelion, one of my favorite. I took many in progress shots this time and used them in my tutorial.

[The rest of this Introduction contains spoilers to the movie]
In one of the memorable scene, three UN SWAT team members found Shinji and prepared to execute him, saying “hey kid, this is not personal”. But in the nick of time Misato rushes through the corridor and wham bam two SWAT is down, and with an evil grin she said “This is not personal either” and blew the head off the third. That’s a side of Misato we don’t see everyday. Her speech to Shinji was very touching, too bad Shinji was just really messed up… of course we know everyone in Eva is messed up one way or the other.

Seam lines: 4/5 Pinholes: 4/5 Casting: 4/5 Fit: 2/5 Part Break: 3/5 Help

This is a good kit EXCEPT on the fit department. The left hand/vest/body connection is just horrible, didn’t fit at all. There’s a very wide gap between her left chest and arm that couldn’t be fixed by heating alone. There’s also a wide gap between the left leg and body. I should have fixed the fit problems before painting, but I only patched up the gap in the leg, which led to a lot of work later on.
BuildingI chose to use navy blue as the base color of her body suit and coated with an interference blue/clear dark purple mixture. I had painted a few too many Misatos to stay with that blackish body suit scheme. There were the Realize version, Kurushima version and Kotobukiya version. How do you like this version? The rest of the build up is detailed in the tutorial so I won’t repeat here. I had so many disasters this time, probably because I was distracted by the constant need to photograph stuff.


  1. Wow that is just awesome!

    I think out of your misato collection this ones the best.

  2. Wow ! , I’d have to say i am a huge fan of NGE and Couldnt ever have done this with any resin kit , Misato here looks amazing And i truly envy you for your skills 😎 Amazing 😉

  3. ive been looking for a site like this for a long while to create resin models. thanx alot. i will spend alot of time on here researching. :mrgreen:

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