S.S.I.KUBALKANS the BANG -破烈の人形- 1/100 Volks IMS kit


This rendition of the Bang Doll is the first in Volk’s IMS line that is based on injection molding. The sculpts so far are excellent, and the casting is good. They really tried to make the details as crisp as possible, for example in the Bang the edges are all super sharp and if you aren’t careful you’re going to bend them.


Being the first in line, there were some purported challenges with the fit. While it is true that I had an easier time building the Black Knight which is number 2 in the series, the Bang wasn’t bad, it just require a bit of puttying around some armor pieces. By design Bang Doll is just more hassle that’s all. Like many mortar headds it’s not practical for the skinny arm to hold the shield/veil, so for longevity I got the Bang a base and used acrylic rods to support its body and the veil.

DSC_1148The nicety of inject kit is that the pieces are straight, unlike resin which would bend a bit. Compared with regular injection kits like Bandai’s master grades, the parts are much more divided with many small pieces especially in the arm construction. There are a few challenges with the kit, such as the “hair” pieces dangling from the head; they were managed with brass wires and required some priming and care to get them attached. The armor pieces on the shoulders are attached with weak connections so you have to use care to properly align them. The same goes for the waist armor. The worst fits are in the energy sword’s two halves and the shield, the latter of which I used some epoxy putty to reduce the size of the gap. Between the two halves the gap was there in the original design, but in the kit it was a trough, quite unsightly. Rather strangely, there is a depression for the “doll” insignia as well as a decal for it, but they don’t really fit each other! Had I known I’d just fill the depression. It’s not too horrible of a misfit but it’s a little shocking of a mistake.


This was also an accident-prone build for me, with the waist armor breaking, losing major pieces in the shoulder and arms, spending multiple hours to look for them to no avail, wasting time to solve these missing piece problems… Fortunately the missing pieces were relatively hidden. Actually the build was doomed from the start, with the kit having duplicated C and F runners but missing a E and G runners. Could not proceed. Fortunately Volks was willing to replace it for a fee. The bad part is I have to pay for it because I didn’t buy from an authorized dealer – which I think means volksusa.com. Alas. I think this is the first time I have a runner problem, ever.


That said, I love the Bang. It was amongst the most majestic of all the mortar headd and one of best Nagano’s designs. This IMS kit has one of the best sculpts of it and I highly recommend it as a *relatively* inexpensive way to get yours… relative to resin it’s less than half the price, but definitely more expensive than Bandai kits, or even the more overpriced Wave and Kotobukiya injection models.


  1. This looks amazing and convinced me to pick one up. Helps that I’ve been infatuated with FSS lately.

    I have some questions about the kit, if you don’t mind answering. What kind of decals does it come with? Also, I’m planning on painting it, but just wondering what color plastic it’s molded in and how the color separation is?

  2. Thanks. The color separation is good, with most colors ending up with the right sprue color. The shield requires quite a bit of masking on the white circlets. It comes with water slide decals. This is no Bandai kit 🙂

  3. Thanks! Ordered this yesterday and it’s arriving today. Pretty excited. Haven’t ventured outside Bandai kits much, so good to know waterslides are the standard offering. Minimal masking is always great too. Hope mine can turn out as great as yours.

  4. The Schpeltor is definitely an improvement over the Bang Doll in terms of engineering. I’ve finished it a while ago but haven’t done a photo shoot on it yet.

  5. It’s a custom mix with… guess what… purple and blue 🙂 I think the instructions had suggested mix and I followed it.

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