VF-31J Siegfried Hayate Custom Deculture version – Macross Delta – 1/72 Bandai model kit

Having missed out on the VF-25 Macross Frontier’s deculture kits, I bought the Deculture Siegfried immediately. I’m a big fan of fancy aircraft art šŸ™‚ 

This particular variant of VF-31J is the final version, after Hayate customized Messer’s aircraft to be his own. But with all the Freyja hearts you probably can’t tell šŸ™‚ 

I think the design here is more integrated into the aircraft and is better rendered than the VF-25s, so kudos to the designer! I have also gotten a Hasegawa VF-31j which I’ll build with open cockpit, so I tried to add the better detailed Hasegawa figures for this kit.

Surprisingly even though both kits are 1/72, it seems Hasegawa has a bigger cockpit (or may be Bandai has an underscaled one), but the figures could barely fit in. Freyja’s hair is already bumping against the canopy. Bandai has yet to make satisfactory pilot figures unfortunately, so I’m enjoying these two little lovers even though they’re slightly not in scale.

The kit comes with the “flying knight” insigna decal for Hayate’s final sortie, which I used on yet another VF-31J. I wish I didn’t use up all the stripe decals on the deculture kit though, as I ended up painting most of them on that kit.  

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