1/24 Volkswagen Type 2 Delivery Van “Egg Girls Summer Paint 2017”

What a fantastic idea for reusing old molds! Hasegawa made up a series with 3 cute girlfriends and released kits of them using old molds. This one is the fifth of the VW vans, the first I missed out on, the
2015 summer version2016 winter and 2016 summer. The decal designs has improved, the 2015 version was nothing special but I slightly regret missing out on the 2016 summer. The 2016 version also got a YT review. Anyway, how many delivery vans can you build? Given the ease however perhaps this isn’t the last one?

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the kit, it’s rather simple – as you can read from 1999’s instructions the exterior is a well-cast one-piece, the interior isn’t much (and hardly the point), and no one really stares at the engine and suspension at the bottom. The top on the other hand was flamboyant!

The decals were not difficult to work with and with my messy skills hey got one just fine. I tried to use Alclad aqua gloss to do the windows but it’s always a hit and miss, this time more miss with a bit of orange peel. Gotta practice a bit more. Other than that, a very fun weekend build!

This time around they’ve wisened up and the girls are everywhere, including front and back. It wasn’t the case for previous designs. This makes for even more cuteness. 

One thing I did differently was to clear coat the chrome wheel hubs. That makes for more interesting wheels.

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