Wang Bailong – Blade Arcus from Shining – 1/7 figure model kit

Wang Bailong (王白龍) is a heroine in the game Blade Arcus from Shining, which appears to be a 2D fighting game set in the Shining universe from the illustrator Tony. His design are quite adorable and have spawned a number of nice figures, with me buying a few of them such as Sakuya. The original kit has an adorable cheongsam as her outfit, which I use as a canvas to add details on. The dragon is from tattoo decals, but unlike Mizuki where I have a lot of trouble applying the thin decal film directly on the model, this time I applied the tattoo onto blank decal sheet and then apply that to the model, which works out much better. 

The jacket has some flowerly patterns that I apply fingernail stickers on. I went with a blue gradient scheme for her outfits, which contrast with her fire. I went quite far with her details because the kit itself is quite static and the posing wasn’t super interesting. 

The traditional chinese dragon base wasa nice addition to the kit and fit her quite nicely. One of the more satisfying figure kits I’ve finished recently.


  1. Hi Cody, I just wanted to say I’ve been checking your site on and off for years and I’m always astounded by the work you do. You are amazingly talented and the stuff that you produce is exceptional. Great job.

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