Macross Delta VF-31J Siegfried Hayate with Fast Pack – Bandai 1/72 model kit

Macross Delta isn’t the best of the Macross series (and I have yet to finish the highly rated Frontier), but the Siegfried is a nice plane in concept. I’m not sure why I’m building so many of them really (this being the first of 4). They’re lacking the armored variants even. I’m not super thrilled with the battaroid form either… anyway this is a pretty standard build for the Fast Pack version of the plane. There are added chest armor, missile pods, shields and boosters. 

I got the special decals during the promotion, so for this guy I added the Freyja-related decals on the wings and the back. There were just way too many decals and some of them just don’t work very well. Bandai introduced some locking mechanisms to keep the transformation in place, which is a very welcome addition. In the Macross F kits such as my Ozma and Luca, the legs were especially difficult to position and keep in place. Another nice change they have is an additional lateral joints at the thighs, which allows you to pose the gerwalk in splayed position, much more dynamic.

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