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Kit Conversion (original by Milchstrake)

Probably never πŸ™‚


Noir is one of the most memorable anime from last year. With its very well-defined characters and intriguing story, not to mention the amazing music and well-crafted action sequence, it was really captivating. The story began with Japanese high school student Kirika waking up not knowing who she was, and with a pocket watch and its melody hooked up with a professional assassin Mireille in Paris. The two embarked on a journey to find Kirika’s past, with the promise that Mireille will kill Kirika when this is all done. The show began as a assassination-of-the-week with some main story advances and character developments, but from the middle the main story went into full force and turned into a powerful drama.

Ok this shouldn’t be turning into my rambling about the show πŸ™‚ I really want a Kirika figure but the ones currently available on the market are all of static poses and very uninteresting. Although the action sequences in the show were very much exaggerated, I really like some of Kirika’s graceful and cool moves (I’ve never seen anyone doing a forward flip with one hand while shooting at the opponent behind ^_^ ) so I thought I’d try to make one myself. The Volks A-Brand Ein kit has a very good shooting pose, so I thought I’d just convert her into Kirika. The project began with little ambition other than changing her hair, but like most conversions more and more ideas came up as I moved along, and the lack of experience and planning resulting in a lot of painful reworks after most of the kit was finished. I’ve really learnt a lot from this ~150 hours I spent on her ^_^;;;

I thought the double gun action was very cool and that puts her in the only episode where Kirika did that, #16. This was one of the most exaggerated action sequences with Kirika mauling down no less than 15-20 guys at point-blank range, as shown in the following diagrams:


After – there are more bodies downstairs πŸ™‚

In the end her pose, clothing and base were built from scratch, and weapons, head and legs were converted from the kit,
the Making of Kirika article detailed the procedure. The process of making this kit, like Noir the series, is an adventure hidden in a pandora’s box ^_^

Special Thanks to Masa for his constant (evil) ideas and comments, and Wesker for information on guns.

Kit Review Seam lines: 4/5 Pinholes: 5/5 Casting: 5/5 Fit: n/a Part Break: n/a Help

I didn’t reallypaid much attention to the quality of the Ein kit since I reworked every part of it. Though in retrospect, everything was top-notch, and at a price that can’t be beat. Be aware however the kit is smaller than “regular” 1/8 kits.
BuildingMaking of Kirika

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  1. your kirika was amazing, i’m looking for a kirika kit for quite sometime, you have a great talent in converting modes.

    i’ve been modeling afv’s and now i’m trying to build mecha and figurines, your site is very informative, keep up the good work!:grin:

  2. Yes , Yes .. You should make a book . about modeling and stuff , And maybe join a professional Studio in japan. :mrgreen: Anyway have you ever tried making original figures from Sculpey ? It well take more work but it’s rather very original also .

  3. 😳 I’d love to do all that you do,but I think that I can’t do it I havent enough experience

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