Photographing the Neo Zeong

I finally got to use my bigger studio set up for the massive Neo Zeong. I wanted to get the psycho shards to have a glowing effect, hence I placed a flash behind it.


However the skirt of NZ casted a big shadow on the ring, so I had to compensate by using another flash to fill that section.

Another thing was that the clear pipe didn’t work too well to support the big guy without the booster legs, the Kit tends to lean backwards. I’m not sure the psycho shards have anything to do with it or not, but it wasn’t good. The Big guy actually fell in the ground from a chair at one point, but it managed to survive with minimal damage… That was scary.


I didn’t update the last bits of wip, but I did some more detailing on the weapons container and added some hydraulics to support the opened hatches. These came from spare the Millenium Falcon again… Without the hatches seem like they just popped open without some support.

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