Schpeltor K.O.G. 1/100 IMS kit from Volks

The Schpeltor (entry in Gearsonline) is the 5th in the Volks 1/100 IMS line, and was my third IMS kit after the Vatshu the Black Knight and Bang Doll. It has a very elegant design unlike the more armored LED Mirage, and I especially like the design of the shoulder armor. 

The IMS kit is another good kit by Volks, and since this is their 5th the pieces were fitting well with minimal clean up required, the exception being the shoulder armor which required seam filling. Color separation was very good. 

I mostly bought this kit, aside from liking the design, to practice painting gold. Although not completely chrome-like, the Alclad + Tamiya clear yellow + clear orange + Alclad gloss formula works very well. 

The kit can stand but it really isn’t solid, so I added a base for support. Although it has polycaps and can in theory move, you probably don’t want to do that and instead treat it as a static kit. I’ll probably pose it drawing sword one day though. 

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