All the old blogs and threads can now be found in the new forum. Good thing I converted the phpBB forum and all the data to use the SMF software before I moved hosting. For some reasons the phpBB forum didn’t want to be recovered 🙁 But SMF is better in many ways (which is … Continue reading

Gallery2 Integration & H kits

I guess I haven’t done any leisure hacking for so long that I found working on my site really appealing 🙂 I’ve gotten much further along with embedding Gallery2. A week ago I couldn’t decide whether I wanna go with Coppermine or Gallery2. The main objection to Gallery2 was the lack of an open comment … Continue reading


Bleah still mucking around with the layouts. I wanted to get a CSS menu on top of the persistent bar, but it’s quite hard… I’ll just leave things ugly but kinda functioning for the moment. Also tried out the Gallery2 gallery software, integrated with WordPress. Here’s a sample album: Don’t understand why Gallery2 uses such … Continue reading


The transition to the new hosting service seems pretty smooth… unfortunately I used a SQL backup to restore the database, so a tiny bit of recent data has been lost (sorry Jesse lost your most recent reply 🙂 ). Still have to fix a few things though, like the forum and gallery databases.

More digging…

More enhancements to WordPress as I’m trying to improve the navigation in the site. WP allows you to define a hierarchy of “pages”, but there’s really no good way to generate navigation out of that before I discovered the WP-PagesNav plugin. Spent some time customizing the style sheet for it. Looks pretty adhoc but it … Continue reading

Yet another new blog

As I’ve mentioned in my last post I’ve been considering switching to something that’s faster than phpbb to drive the site. After much mucking around different softwares I’m settling on WordPress. Also, after I dug around a ton for neat skins, I figure I should have done this ten years ago – turning my first … Continue reading

Thinking too much…

This time every year it’s time for renewing my hosting service. It’s simply amazing how much features these hosting service offers for the same price, compared with last year. For about $8/month you can get 400G bandwidth, and that’s 10x what I’m getting right now. Also wondered about things like whether I wanna switch to … Continue reading