New article on my photo rig

I'm beginning to document my photography setup . I'm still trying to experiment with my flash setup, so may be someone experienced can point out the obvious mistakes I'm making

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Freedom 1/100 Bandai Master Grade

Introduction Scale 1/100 Maker Bandai Completed 01/2005 Retail 4200yen Spolier alert! The Freedom became the main hero mech in the second half of Gundam Seed and the first half of Seed Destiny. It was pretty invincible in all, except experienced some difficulty fighting Providence and got whacked by a very smart Shinn in his Impulse.… Continue reading Freedom 1/100 Bandai Master Grade

Tubing cutter?

I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know how to use one of these K&S tubing cutter. I put a 1/16″ brass tube in the groove and turned the screw, but I don’t see cutting happening! I got one because I thought I can cut the tubes that I use for pinning more conveniently. Aluminum… Continue reading Tubing cutter?


I don’t get new kits often these days, but when two cool Cammy’s arrived I’m still quite excited 🙂 This is the masterful Reflect’s Cammy kit. The packaging is just a bit overdone! Loads of empty checkboxes to be filled in for custom declarations, and the famous “Do not ship liquids, blood or fluids in… Continue reading Cammieeeessssss


Still haven’t cleaned up the remains of angel-san’s wings. I almost used up a whole bag of feathers for them. Looks a bit sad doesn’t it

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Decal hell

Now that I’m fed up with installing extensions and crap, time to get back to some modeling… One of the projects in my backlogs – SV-51 gamma from Macross Plus, which you can still get from HLJ. I really like the flamboyant patterns on it, but it was a lot of work getting them on… Continue reading Decal hell


For some reasons I was obsessed with making stockings with real fabrics lately. I think they look different than painted ones. Since I failed many times over the weekend, I was excited to find something that kind of works, and wrote a how-to on it even though I haven’t finished the kit Also I’d like… Continue reading Stockings

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Alclad II Lacquer Chrome

Alclad II Lacquer Chrome Date Price From Manufacturer 10/29 $6.46 Great Models Alclad “Wow” is all I can say. I’ve seen the amazing finishes from this paint by the aircraft modelers, but after seeing it with my own eyes it’s really something! The only requirement for working with this paint is you have to prime… Continue reading Alclad II Lacquer Chrome