Random tips

It seems I never write anything about modeling ever since I was done with the how-to’s Here are some random bits (warning: very random) I thought that were worth mentioning… perhaps you can enlighten me on some stuff also Turpentine is a pretty useful chemical! It dissolves gum, which includes gum-based glue such as 3M… Continue reading Random tips

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Liquid Leaf Classic Gold

Liquid Leaf Classic Gold Date Price From Manufacturer 10/29 $4 Art store Plaid Ever since I argued with a moron who refused to believe gold has a metallic luster, I’ve been on the look out for easy to apply gold that looks great and easy to apply. The traditional silver/clear orange+yellow approach just doesn’t cut… Continue reading Liquid Leaf Classic Gold

Mr. Dissolved Putty

Mr. Dissolved Putty Date Price From Manufacturer 10/20 300yen R10 GSI-Creos (formerly Gunze) Mr. Surfacer 500 had been my choice of putty for a long time, it can be pretty thick if you grab the bottom of the bottle, still there are times when I wish it is more filling. I also don’t like to… Continue reading Mr. Dissolved Putty

Mr. Masking Sol Neo

Mr. Masking Sol Neo Date Price From Manufacturer 10/20 200yen R10 GSI-Creos (formerly Gunze) Mr. Masking Sol was a pretty horrible masking liquid, and no one knows why it takes them this many years to figure it out. Now they come out with the “Neo” version, which smells, act and look like Modeler’s Mask Sol… Continue reading Mr. Masking Sol Neo


V-Color Date Price From Manufacturer 10/20 300yen HobbySearch Irisawa I’m sick of people saying you can’t paint on rubber parts. V-color can go on rubber and will stay on (i.e. not crack up). When you smell the thinner you know it’s acetone, but acetone kills your brushes. Their brand-name thinner is milder and safer for… Continue reading V-color


I went to a local Jo Ann’s to buy some fabrics for my Ring-Ring Rang-Rang pair. I ended up spending 2 hours there to pick different fabrics for my kits! I remembered this Four Murasame on bed kit from a while ago – I never could decide what I wanted to do with the bed,… Continue reading Experiments