Reflect Cammy part 2

Finally action resumes on Codyland where we left off, with un-nazi-rized Cammy. I’ve made a lot of changes in the past week, but it’s a hassle to take my camera out of the photo rig setup these days. Btw it’s a royal pain to upload multiple images with wordpress! I made two main changes from… Continue reading Reflect Cammy part 2

Un-nazi-rizing Cammy

I’ve spent most of the weekend resculpting Reflect’s Cammy. Here’re a couple of original buildups of her: This famous sculpt is great, except I’m not a fan of her Nazi uniform, so I’m changing her to adorn her original Delta Red outfit. In addition, she’s done with a fight and relaxing a bit, so she’s… Continue reading Un-nazi-rizing Cammy


I’ve been working on this Tsukasa Bullet Mizuki ninja girl. Originally I just wanted to make her armor detachable, but then I thought since she’ll have a completed bare back with her armor removed, it’ll be great to give her a full-back tattoo like the traditional Japanese warriors. I’ve been doing some research on tattoo… Continue reading Tattoooooo

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Bubbly Lilith – Nightstalkers – 1/6 resin figure – G-area

Introduction Scale 1/8 Sculptor θΏ‘θ—€ 貴之 Maker G Dome Completed 01/14/07 Parts 11 Retail Inquire If there’s anyone who can make a cute Lilith, it’d be Kondo-san πŸ™‚ This adorable character is from the Capcom game Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior, I’ll again leave wikipedia to describe her in more details in case you’re interested. This kit took… Continue reading Bubbly Lilith – Nightstalkers – 1/6 resin figure – G-area

Figure time :)

I’m restarting on my real stocking Lilith after working on 3 mech kits straight πŸ™‚ I modified her lips to appear to blow a kiss to the viewer. Well not really, she’ll be blowing bubbles, and the scene will have lots of bubbles surrounding her in addition to the ones on the base.

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Dusty Cammy

I picked some stone shards from the neighborhood and sifted through to get the right sized debris for the ground work. I created the dust “splash” with celluclay originally, but it has its limitations and the outcome looks like peeled banana skin πŸ™‚ Then I plastered some Mori2 on top to create more spikes, which… Continue reading Dusty Cammy