Setting the base

Wrapped the I-beams with water putty to get some texture, and smoothed them out. The pillars and beams are kind of set, only a couple more or the base would be too cluttered. The wire mesh around the tilted beam is the support for the splash created by the impact of the beam.

As advertised…

… an update! I’m working on the flying Cammy-chan. I’m always bothered by the I-beam she’s using as support, and I think the only diorama that’d fit is something like a construction site. So here we go. The idea is to have her jumping over some collapsing structures, and she just avoided the danger of… Continue reading As advertised…

Fixing Four

I’ve been working on and off doing fixes to Four Murasame that I posted a few weeks ago. Apparently a combination of factors made some people think that the shape of her breasts weren’t right, in that they were cone-shaped and didn’t flow smoothly from the chest. After investingating a bit, I think the problem… Continue reading Fixing Four

Flying Cammy

I was partially done with the Yukishiro Cammy and was trying to test fit her against her base (yes I should’ve done it earlier 😀 ). Wow! I didn’t realize she was only hinged to the base via her hand. Now her pose makes more sense to me, and I have some ideas about possible… Continue reading Flying Cammy

Four Murasame on Bed

After messing around with lights I’ve finally taken the batch of pics for Four. I now see why photograher needs two sets of lights, one for backfill and one for “above”. I used to take pics lacking the backfill, instead used reflectors for those. Works for smaller kits, but once I get to bigger kits… Continue reading Four Murasame on Bed

Almost Four!

I can’t believe I left the CF card at work, so I can’t take pics of Four after just finishing her now 🙁 She’s one of those kits that I say “I’ll finish her today” for a couple of weeks now 😀 Thanks to Masa’s suggestion I removed the green sheet that has pretty bad… Continue reading Almost Four!

Weekend crunch #2

Continue from the last post… The kit has an elongated layout, so I had to get a frame that has similar sort of aspect ratio. Again Walmart answered my call 🙂 I debated a bit on whether I wanted to save the trouble of cutting an acrylic sheet to replace the frame’s glass, but I… Continue reading Weekend crunch #2

Weekend crunch

I rarely take a whole weekend to work on a kit, but I kinda got obsessed with finishing Four this time. Except for the few hours that I spent watching Blood+ — these dang end-with-cliffhanger shows are so evil 😀 Her bed frame is made with craft wood, I banged it together and applied wood… Continue reading Weekend crunch

Back to Four

While waiting for some mail order supplies for the Griffith on Horse kit, I got back to my fabrics experiments. Last week I went to Jo-ann’s and got some pretty nice “Prom dress” fabric that has great patterns and texture. The problem is that it has these gold rings glued on the dang thing which… Continue reading Back to Four

Griffith on Horse #2

Mucho sanding and priming later, the horse is sort of ready for painting. But I wanted to do more test fitting with its cape first. The instructions said put the cape pieces in hot water and bend to shape. I think they’re just too thick for that, so I’m thinking of dremeling the edge so… Continue reading Griffith on Horse #2

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